Climate and Land

The Regional Climate Group at San Diego State University



Amazon Deforestation

We are investigating how clearing forests impacts blue and green water cycles and how these changes, in turn, affect agricultural production in the Amazon region. This research is part of the NSF-sponsored project titled Land-Climate-Water Feedbacks and Farmer Decision-Making in an Agricultural System.

Global warming and the Amazon's future

We are using modeling data to assess potential changes to climate and agricultural production of the Amazon due to the global increasing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. This research is part of the NSF project Land-Climate-Water Feedbacks and Farmer Decision-Making in an Agricultural System.

Global Warming Wildfire


Wildfires are important disturbances to terrestrial ecosystems that can impact heat and moisture exchanges between the land and the atmosphere for months or years after they occur. We are using model simulations and remote sensing to quantify the effects of wildfires on climate and improve wildfire season predictions.

The future of Southern California's wineries

We are using climate models to assess the effects of global warming on Southern California's winegrape climatic suitability. Our results suggest a significant decrease in suitable land for viticulture in the region due to the decline in the number of cool nights and the increase of growing season heat accumulation.

Global Warming Wildfire

Simulating terrestrial water storage

Terrestrial water storage (TWS) is the sum of water on the land surface and in the subsurface. It includes soil moisture, groundwater, and water stored in plants and snow. The ability to estimate TWS is essential for water resource assessment. Our group has implemented a new atmosphere-land-aquifer coupled model that can simulate TWS variations in S. California.