Climate and Land

The Regional Climate Group at San Diego State University


GEOG 101: Earth's Physical Environment

Why is the Amazon Basin wet while the Sahara Desert dry?  What are the causes and consequences of global warming? Why are there earthquakes? This course addresses these questions by describing the distribution of climate, water, soil, topography, and biota, as well as the functional interactions between them and their relationships with people.

GEOG 103: Weather and Climate

It introduces the basic principles such as air pressure, winds, air temperature and moisture that are responsible for blue skies, sunsets, gentle breeze, lightning, and devastating hurricanes and tornadoes. It also examines how people are affected by these weather systems and how we might be influencing the climate.


Global Warming Wildfire

GEOG 409: Global Climate Change

We explore the causes of global warming and its consequences to the natural world and humankind. The course describes the natural and anthropogenic causes of climate change, and explores the latest global warming projections and the strategies to mitigate its impacts. The course is designed for students in Physical Geography, Environmental Sciences, Sustainability Studies, and related fields.

GEOG 503: Land-Atmosphere Biophysical Processes

This course describes the nature, physical principles,and modeling of the land-atmospheric interaction processes. Students learn to run simulations to appreciate and explore these processes and assess the effects of deforestation, wildfires, and global warming on climate. The course introduces students to Linux-based OS computers, Fortran programming, and climate data analysis.

Global Warming